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AZDHS Data Daily Changes Distribution Changes 6/17/20-6/23/20

The press is reporting daily changes in Covid cases and deaths using the date that the cases were recorded, rather than the date they actually occurred. As of today, AZDHS is reporting over 3500 confirmed cases, while not posting a single day with that many cases during the entirety of the pandemic. (The current max is just over 3000 cases, as on June 17th).

Reporting the changes by date of attribution, rather than occurance distorts the view of the pandemic's progression and overstates short-run changes, due to a large proportion of the increase being recorded as backfill.

Consider this: since 6/17/20, AZDHS has reported 87790 additional tests, 17255 additional cases, and 148 additional deaths. However, 46915 (53%) of those tests, 9207 (53%) cases, and 105 (71%) deaths are attributed to dates before 6/17/20.

I will continue to record daily updates to the AZDHS figures in order to highlight the discrepancy between reporting on the "observed date" rather than the "attributed date".

AZDHS Data Daily Change Breakdown
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