• Louis Hallman

AZDHS COVID Deaths are Continually Misreported by the Press

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Of the 226 COVID deaths discovered and reported by AZDHS between 6/17/20 and 6/24/20, only 57 of them are attributed to dates in the current week. 119 of those deaths occurred between 6/10/20 and 6/16/20. A further 50 of those deaths occurred on or before June 9th, with one as far back as 4/11/20.

The media's continued coverage of COVID deaths by date of discovery, rather than date of attribution, is deranging the conversation around the pandemic, panicking people unnecessarily, and preventing the formation of useful policy responses.

The governors of CT, NJ, and NY have discussed quarantining flights from Phoenix in response to the flood of misinformation regarding this error. This is despite the fact that the per capita death rate from the virus is between 1/6 and 1/8 of each of those states, which retain the dubious honor of the three states with the highest per-capita death tolls in the nation from Coronavirus. As of this writing, Arizona lists 1,467 deaths from the virus, while New York reports 31,257, New Jersey 13,076, and Connecticut 4,287 deaths.

The entire point of "flattening the curve" was to not suffer the apocalyptic spikes in deaths that were observed in CT, NJ, and NY. Arizona's experience in the pandemic has been one where hospital capacity has not been an issue, and deaths from the coronavirus, while consistent in number for the past 6 weeks, have been a trickle when compared with the torrents suffered by other states.

Despite the state's incredible success relative to the rest of the nation, Arizona is still portrayed as Mad Max: Thunderdome or some other apocalyptic horror-show, both in national and international press. We continue to be used as political hay, and are threatened again with more closures, lock-downs, and their corresponding economic devastation.

Attached is a pdf displaying the daily changes in the AZDHS data as they effect the entirety of the pandemic's timeseries.

Stay safe everyone,

Louis Hallman

Managing Director

AZDHS Data Daily Change Breakdown 6.24
Download P • 467KB

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