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6/29/20 COVID-19 Analysis PDFs - Five files and Descriptions

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Below are the current versions of our COVID-19 Analysis PDFs.

1: Arizona & Maricopa County Endemic Spread vs Testing. This analysis explores the degree to which increases in COVID-19 cases are due to increased virulence (endemic spread) and how much is due to expansions of testing capacity. (Note: the labels for the Maricopa County and U.S. increase originally had incorrect dates. No numeric or formulaic values have been altered.)

AZ COVID Endemic Spread Analysis 6.29
Download 20 • 467KB

2: Arizona Hospital Capacity Analysis. This file displays a record of Arizona's inpatient bed, ICU bed, and ventilator capacity. It includes the 2600 inpatient and 600 surge beds that have been removed from official AZDHS statistics in order to provide a more accurate glimpse into capacity.

AZ Hospital Capacity Analysis 6.29.20
Download PD • 471KB

3: COVID-19 Demography Analysis. This file breaks down COVID-19 testing, cases, deaths, and hospitalizations in Arizona and Maricopa County by age brackets. This is significantly more useful than simple totals, because it showcases the relative vulnerability (or lack thereof) of each age group.

Download PDF • 466KB

4: US & State Comparison. This file provides the COVID Tracking Project's cumulative data for tests, cases, and deaths across all 50 states, as well as providing per-capita figures.

COVID-19 Current Trends & Progression- U
Download • 504KB

5: US & Western Europe Comparison. This file provides Our World In Data's cumulative data for tests, cases, and deaths for a number of Western European countries, as well as per capita figures. Note that the weighted total for testing in Europe only weights those nations for whom testing data has been made available. Several nations, including France, Spain, and Germany, have not made their testing figures accessible.

COVID-19 Current Trends & Progression- U
Download • 464KB

Stay safe everyone,

Louis Hallman

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